The World Trade Center Tragedy

In light of the tragedy that has befallen us, we at Cybriety ask your continued prayers for those lost, the families of the lost, and the families of the missing and the injured.  At a recent meeting an old timer offered his wisdom to the group.  Wisdom borne of experience.  Alcoholism is, in part a disease of emotion.   Being away from a drink is just the beginning of true recovery from alcoholism.  Suggested by this elder statesman:   
" try to go to a few more meetings than you may normally. Keep in touch with your sponsor.  Talk about how you are feeling, and don't drink."

Cybriety is based here in the Northeastern United States. The tragedy of the week had touched the lives of many local families here, including my own. The family of ill fated Flight 11 has ties to my own family.  My children will be at a memorial service on Monday for Captain John Ogonowski.  Every day the local papers bring to my doorstep news of new neighbors and members of the local community who will not be coming home.  Local meetings are becoming safe havens offering shelter from the horrific images that have bombarding us.  I have been on my knees more than once this week asking my Higher Power why things like this have to happen.  



         "Letting go of everything at once was both painful and terrifying.  I could never have accomplished this alone.  It took the help, understanding and wonderful companionship that was given so freely to me by my 'ex-alkie' friends.  This and the program of recovery embodied in the Twelve Steps...Whole new vistas were opened up for me, new avenues of experience to be explored, and life began to take on color and interest."

From "The Keys to the Kingdom:"

As recovering people, we are part of a very special community- the community of people brought together by shared suffering and the shared joys of recovery. "Frequent contact with newcomers and each other is the bright spot in our lives" as the Big Book so eloquently describes it. Let us not forget that we are part of a much larger community: the community of humanity. Bill W. commented that recovered alcoholics are "returning to citizenship of the world."  In this light, our goal here at Cybriety is to be part of the solution. We ask that you consider the same. Love and tolerance can cover a lot of ground. 

 In the story, Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict from the 3rd Edition of the Big Book, Paul O. comments that
 "nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake"
To be truthful, I find little comfort in those words todayI realize that I can not change the world.  Like threads in finely woven cloth, we are all part of the tapestry that is life.   

This I do know,  tonight, when I tuck my children into bed, my hugs will linger a little longer and goodnight kisses will be re-doubled.  When I'm in line at the grocery store today, and the person in front of me has 15 items in the "12 items or less" line,  it really wont crush my day.  When I get to my noontime meeting today, I will have a deeper appreciation for how good I have it.   Not in a materialistic sense, but in what really counts, those things of lasting value; a relationship with God, family who I love and who love me, the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous....


God Bless Us All,

               David G.