July 1945 AA Grapevine

(Many groups have used to good advantage the sponsor system, one of which is outlined below.  Other methods followed by other groups will be outlined in subsequent issues.)

1. Sincerity in A.A. and dry for certain length of time.
2. Must have friendly attitude toward new member.  If that is not possible, do not accept the sponsorship.
3. Work on only one member at a time.
4. Come to all the classes with the new member.
5. Keep in close touch by telephone.
6. See that the new member comes to all the meetings and be there also.
7. See that he meets people.
8. Have older members talk to him.
9. Don't sell the club to new members.
10. Don't quote the big names in the group.
11. Uphold other members to the new member.
12. Do not encourage discussion of personalities.
13. Do not make things too easy, such as lending money, etc.
14. Help straighten out new member's financial and domestic problems by pointing out what experience has shown to be the best way.

15. When drunk goes to another sponsor with tales of persecution, if the second sponsor doesn't talk it over with the first sponsor, the issue becomes one of personalities, and the second sponsor will find that the slipper has outsmarted him.

16. Don't listen to a lot of gossip by slippers.
17. Second sponsor of same member should get in touch with the first sponsor and find out what has been done - what were the reactions of the slipper - so that he can't pull the same stuff on the second sponsor.

18. If a new member alibis about coming to classes and the Tuesday night meetings and the group meetings, after a short while, the sponsor should impress on him the importance of attendance at these meetings by both the husband and the wife.  If you can't get him to come, then he has put you in a position where you cannot help him, as he will not let you.  So drop him.  The seed has been planted; redirect your energies elsewhere.  Somewhere along the line he will be back when he wants A.A.

19. A good sponsor will not have more than two neophytes a year.  But he will do a thorough job on those two.

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