Letter from Bill Wilson to the Burwell's
November 24, 1953


Box 459 Grand Central Annex
    New York 17, N.Y.

            November 24, 1953

Dear Folks,

         You two have certainly received tough assignments lately.  And this is to tell you how often Lois and I regret your illness, think of you, and pray for you.  We do hope t his letter finds you on the up and up both physically and in spirit.  We need hardly question the latter for knowing you as we do, you are bound to have a lot of what it takes.

        Please do write and tell us just how things are with you and don't forget to let us know if we can do anything.  Also, if you are up to it, what about A.A. and the news out there.

         Back here, there isn't a lot to report.  Group contributions for the office are coming in pretty well and will, we think, meet the year's budget all right.  Slowly and surely, the general idea seems to be sinking in with the groups.  In many spots, the realization that A.A. has to function as a whole, as well as in parts, is taking hold nicely.  The new book has gone mighty well, also - about 30,000 copies will be sold this year, about 10% of these by Harpers.  However, the sales of the big book has slowed down some 30%.  whether this means the new book will cut into the old one permanently, we can't say.  It may be that the new line of pamphlets will slow the sales of the both books down eventually.  Only tie will tell that.  It won't matter too much anyway, so long as people get the message.

         Speaking about the new book, I suddenly realized I do not think I sent you folks one.  I really meant to do this and so you will soon find one in the mail, with all my affection and thanks.

So, good friends, hold fast.  May God bless you.  Write soon.


/s/ Bill

Mr. and Mrs. James Burwell
4193 Georgia, Street
San Diego, California


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