Letter from Bill Wilson to the Burwell's 
March 20, 1957


Box 459 Grand Central Annex
New York 17, N. Y.

March 20, 1957

Dear folks,

         Forgive this rather long delay.  I have been awful busy with both the book and the television project.  A contract for the latter will probably be signed soon.  NBC has purchased the story treatment.  So I suppose that we shall begin to try to dialogue it presently.

         Meanwhile I have received about a hundred favorable replies on "A.A. Comes of Age."  Like your own, they are extremely favorable.  I'm really delighted that you folks like the book and can see so few changes.

         I'm especially glad to have that early review in the A.M.A. Journal.  I have ransacked our files, but couldn't find it.  We will try to put this in the Appendix of the book, provided that Dr. Bauer of the A.M.A. will be all right.  And I'm sure he will; he is a grand chap. 

         I have heard from Dorothy and, as you say, she likes the book very much, also.  It was good to know that Caroline approved the way Hank was treated.

         You are dead right about 1937 being the date we parted from the Oxford Groups.  Somebody else picked this up, too.

         I'm also putting in a little bit about Jackie Williams, how, in spite of the fact he didn't make it, he did us a lot of good.  Also, the discription [sic] of his funeral and the great faith that was felt by everybody there.  It was a very affecting incident which ought to be recorded.

Meanwhile, I've got to fly.  A million thanks to you both.


                                                              /s/ Bill


Mr. and Mrs. James Burwell
4193 Georgia Street
San Diego, california [sic]                                                   


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