Letter from Bill Wilson to The Burwell's 
August 2, 1961


Box 459 Grand Central Annex
New York 17, N. Y.

 August 2, 1961

Dear Folks,

         Thanks so much for that last news of you both.  It's good to read on and between the lines that you both are well and happy.

         We can say the same.  Haven't had better health in years.

         Am progressively detaching myself from active management of A.A. affairs, just as I probably should have done before this.  The November Grapevine will carry a piece to the effect that I can no longer get around
speaking, nor participate in active management of the office.  Of course I shall be glad to help put on blow-out patches, if anything serious turns up.

         But I do hope to keep up some writing.  This seems to be about the only channel left.  My present series in the Grapevine is a trial run to see if I can do a larger book on "Practicing These Principles in all our Affairs".

         About those Twelve Step Houses.  Well, honestly, I don't know.  Like the clubs, some appear to be good and others bad.  Are most of the Twelve Step Houses on the Coast those famous "boarding houses"?

         Lois and I are just now taking off for a month - the most of it probably to be spent at the old home town in Vermont, that is if we can hide out up there!

         Meanwhile, all goes well at General Headquarters.  The contributions and book sales are fine.  And the reserve fund continues to grow slowly.  So we could stand quite a lot of hard times, if necessary.

         Do you like the Grapevine any better nowadays?  We have been trying hard to improve it and have depended on improvement for increased sales, which are now up about 2,000 from the low point of a year or so ago.

         Meanwhile, Lois joins me in all affection, and I'll ask her to send you an Al-Anon book.

                                                              Always devotedly,




Mr. and Mrs. James Burwell
4193 Georgia Street
San Diego, California



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