Letter from Bill Wilson to The Burwell's 
April 3, 1958


Box 459 Grand Central Annex
New York 17, N. Y.

April 3, 1958

Dear Folks,

         Thanks for your last, so full of good news.
         Be sure, Jim, to take it very easy for that first year after your coronary.  Lois did this and she's now good for anything - she can walk two or three miles without fatigue, up hill and down.  Like yourself, she's had
no recurrence.  But the big trick is to let the job thoroughly heal and get a fresh circulation established during the first year, It's the folks who go tearing round that get in trouble.  I guess I've said this three times already, but it can't be emphasized too much.

         Thanks again for all you have put into A.A. The race has been well run and I hope that things will ease for you both on all fronts.  It was good to hear of the prospect of clearing up the debt on the house.

         The TV business has come to life again.  NBC backed away because they had a big management row over there.  Fred Coe, the noted producer, was interested while with NBC.  He has now moved to CBS.  He has recently eviced [sic] an interest.  This he would have done before, but he supposed that NBC owned the story outline.  As a matter of fact, we kept the property ourselves and only offered the use of it.  We let Coe know this recently, and he says he wants it for fall production.  But seeing is believing!

         Everybody sends all the best.

                                                              Ever yours,

                                                                   /s/ Bill



Mr. and Mrs. James Burwell
4193 Georgia Street
San Diego 3, California


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