Letter from Bill Wilson to The Burwell's 
May 24, 1960


Box 459 GranW.G.W.d Central Annex
New York 17, N. Y.

May 24, 1960

Dear Folks

Memories of your visit here are still green and most enjoyable to think on.

My hopper is pretty full just now.  Founders Day is coming up, I'm trying to finish those Twelve Concepts, and Long Beach is just in the offing.  I haven't begun to get ready for that, at least so far as what I am to say is concerned.  However, I have very little luck in preparing that kind of thing in advance.

I wish we had thought of an old timers meeting earlier.  I'm taking this up with the office, but I imagine the schedule is pretty tight, as matters now stand.  I donít how we would go about getting such a crowd together - where and how we would find them and so forth.  But I'll inquire.

Meanwhile, all the best,

                    Ever devotedly,



Mr. and Mrs. James Burwell
4193 Georgia Street
San Diego, California


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