Letter from Bill Wilson to the Burwell's 
August 31, 1951


Box 459 Grand Central Annex
New York 17, N. Y.

 August, 31, 1951 

Dear Jim and Rosa,

         Thanks greatly for your good letter, containing fine news of you, also the sad news concerning Earl Ryan, to whom I have just written. 

         As you say, the Conference did come off very well.  The results upon offices  finances has already been excellent.  We have taken in enoufg [sic] money during the past seven months to finance the Office for six months.  Meanwhile, the Grapevine deficit has dropped from one thousand a month to the break-even pint.  The books in Works Publishing  are also doing much better.  So we Won't use up any more reserve for 1951, and if things continue this way, we may add ten thousand dollars to it at the end of the year.

         Respecting a name for the Family Groups.  Lois and Ann Bingham, a neighbor, have opened a Post Office Box for these groups.  Right now, they are corresponding with many of them, the question of the name still being up in the air.  To date, their correspondence suggests that the name may turnout to be Alanon Family Group or the Alanon Group.  Only a few seem to like the word "Associate".  This is because, I suppose, there is still a good deal of hostility toward them in some quarters.  So they do not wish to use any word which would indicate n alliance with A.A.

         As you may have heard, Alcoholic Anonymous is receiving the so-called Lasker Award for meritorious service in the public health, to be awarded at the San Francisco Opera House October 30th.  I shall probably come to San Diego to see Mother prior to that time.

Meanwhile, best luck-and congratulations.

                                                             As ever,


Jim and Rosa Burwell
4193 Georgia Street
San Diego, California


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