AA History- Chronology of Dr. Bob.s Life


  • 1879 August 9: Robert Holbrook S. is born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
  • 1898 Graduates from St. Johnsbury Academy
  • 1902 Graduates from Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
  • 1910 Obtains M.D. degree at Rush University, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1912 Starts medical practice in Akron, Ohio
  • 1915 January 25: Marries Anne Ripley
  • 1933 Begins attending meetings of the Oxford Group
  • 1935 May 12: Meets Bill W. at Henrietta Seiberling's home in Akron, Ohio
  • June 10?: Dr. Bob has his last drink and AA is born
  • 1939 April: Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book) is published
  • August: Dr. Bob and Sister Ignatia begin treating alcoholics at St. Thomas Hospital
  • November - December: Akron AAs break away from Oxford Group and begin meeting at Dr. Bob's house
  • 1948 Summer: Is diagnosed with cancer; retires from practice
  • December: Gives last major talk, in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1949 June 1: Anne Ripley S. dies
  • 1950 July 28-30: Attends first AA International Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio, where he makes last appearance at large AA gathering and join others in approving the Twelve Traditions
  • November 16: Dr. Bob dies in Akron, Ohio

           AA Grapevine, September 2001 issue, pg. 49

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